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Political Economy of Sustainable Development Lab: The academic field of Sustainable Development is by its nature multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary. Economics has always been at the core of the idea of sustainable development. Despite the substantial academic and research activity on the many aspects of sustainable development there are few research centers devoted to the political economy dimension of sustainable development. The political economy of sustainable development focuses, inter alia, on how institutions, the political environment and the economy interact and influence each other and thus form the underlying conditions that allow or prevent sustainable development. The importance of the political economy dimension is apparent when considering the failings of the global community to take adequate climate action in view of the unprecedented scientific consensus for its need. The obstacles to concerted action can be found in the way that political and economic power prevent the necessary institutional, political, and economic changes that will bring about a transition to a low carbon economy. The recent crisis in Greece has revealed in the toughest way the many failings of achieving sustainable development as well as the deeper political economy causes underlying these. The lab is dedicated to researching this crucial political economy dimension of sustainable development as well as promoting teaching and student involvement in these matters.

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